"If thou wilt return, O Israel, saith the Lord,      
return unto me: And if thou wilt put away thine 
abominations out of my sight,
then shalt thou not remove."
Jeremiah 4:1
     At least seven times in Jeremiah God called His people (Israel) to return unto their God.  He stated in chapter 5:3: "...Thou has stricken them, but they have not grieved; Thou hast consumed them, but they have refused to receive correction:  They have made their faces harder than a rock; They have refused to return."
     God gave them two conditions whereby they could avoid judgement and captivity.  One (1) was to return with their whole heart to their God.  Two (2) was to put away their abominations out of His sight.  If they would sincerely do these things God promised they would not be removed from that which He had blessed them with, and the nations (v.2) shall bless themselves in Him, and in Him shall they glory.
     I feel strongly that God is dealing with America as He dealt with Israel, and I'm deeply concerned that we as a nation have not fully returned or put away the abominations that have caused us to stray from the blessings of God.  I implore you who are professing Christians, to turn unto God and pray for revival, and be sincerely committed to serving Jesus.  Our future is at stake, and God will hold us accountable.  His grace is abundant, His mercy endures forever, but His Spirit will not always strive with man. (Gen. 6:3). 
Pastor Larry

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